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Signature Wrist Wraps

Antonio Tarrell has teamed up with Salon Armor to bring you the perfect Signature Wrist Wrap by Antonio Tarrell for holding shears, combs, clips, brushes, make-up brushes, or bobby-pins. The Signature Wrist Wrap is for the serious artist. Important Notice: The Antonio Tarrell Wrist Wraps are available in sizes: XS, S/M, L, XL.



 Magnets under slots hold 3-4 pairs of shears, clips, comb, makeup brushes, nail tools and bobby pins. Velcro closure for adjustability and easy on/off.  Sanitize with non-bleach, antibacterial wipes between clients.


Size XS for wrists 5.75” or less
Size S/M fits wrists 6”- 6.5”
Size fits wrists 6.75”- 7.75”
Size XL fits wrists 8” and above 

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