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Take advantage of networking

Networking is an important source of new opportunities. The longer you work in the beauty industry, the more likely you will grow your brand through personal contacts.

Even if you are busy right now, it is worth keeping in touch with other stylists and barbers in the industry so that you can take advantage of any opportunities that might appeal to you later own down the road. It is easy to focus on building a successful brand and end up neglecting to network, while failing to develop new business relationships with new barbers and stylists. But make sure you don't burn bridges in the process.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more are free of charge. These digital tools enable you to market yourself continuously and connect with people that you may or may not come in direct contact with. This is what major companies in the beauty industry is doing.

Enhance your career

Continue education is more important than ever before. If you own your business an renting out space or have a payroll system in place, then this is very important that you mandate that every stylist or barber have to attend at least three shows or continue education classes per year, regardless how long they have been in the industry.

Even companies like Paul Mitchell, REDKEN and Bronner Bros have their team members get continue education. If you’re building a positive brand and implementing continue education, your staff or team members will probably treat you well.

Develop a portfolio

Technology has made sharing your portfolio much easier. Instead of mailing or dropping your portfolio by the salon or barbershop, you can use any mobile device.

Your portfolio should consist of some of your latest work, with professional head shots that shows a variety of things such as coloring, cutting and soft styles. This is important especially if you are trying to get hired by a major company as a platform artist or if you are trying to get a job on a set.

Remember to keep this information at arms reach because you never know who might ask for your portfolio.


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