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Your name carry weight

Your name should be memorable and encourage word-of-mouth advertising. Can potential clients remember your name? Can they pronounce it? Why did you choose those colors and that logo design? In some cases a stage name may be the answer. If it's difficult to pronounce, it can hinder word-of-mouth advertising.

Hence Antonio Tarrell is my first and middle name, I dropped my last name Thornton, because my first and middle name sounded more attractive and it was easier for people to remember. I chose the color of red because of my nickname "Redd" and I used my signature as my logo.

I have noticed that more people are branding signature names, making their brand personal and simple for people to remember. No matter what you decide to do, remember your brand name carry weight and don't burn bridges.

Another approach is to explain the pronunciation in a memorable way. A good example, I am Co-creator of an educational group named T.R.E’ (pronounced trey), which stands for Technology, Research and Education, we (E Hosea and Winston Bennett) explained the pronunciation so that people would be able to pronounce it correctly.

Make your brand stand out

Imagine your brand is at one of the trade shows, how will you be noticed? What will it take for your brand to be one of the leading brands in the beauty industry? These are questions that you should be asking yourself then come up with a plan that will get you noticed.

Your title is not your brand

Some people caught up on certain titles, such as a salon owner, director of education, and cling to it once they have it. They assume that this is who they are. However, your title tells people little or nothing about your mission statement. It does not make you unique than the thousands of other barbers, stylists, salons, beauty shops or product companies. At most it indicates your position, and perhaps your creative skills.

A friend, Pierre Gibson once told me the story about a conversation him and his father had about titles. His did asked him what job title would you like for the school (Gibson Beauty & Barber School) he asked. He told Pierre before you call out what you wanna be, remember first that a title is just a title next to your name, it doesn’t mean you are that, because I’m still the owner of the school, now carry on with your little titles. You see Gibson Beauty and Barber School, was the brand not the title that everybody wanted, without the brand there couldn’t be no titles.


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