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What is your potential?

In many cases we can see other people talents but yet we can’t see them in ourselves. Maybe the reason is fear. In the meantime we ‘project’ these qualities onto other stylists who are in the industry.

Once you acknowledge this and overcome fear then you can reclaim each quality and make it your own. If you admire someone in the industry who are highly creative, it may be time for you to be more creative and attend more shows or take one on one classes. If you admire a major company who are influential in the beauty industry, it may be time for you to exert more influence. You do not have to give up on your career you can start right now, exactly where you are and discover your potentials. To often young stylists and barbers end of going into a different field because they didn't discover their full potential.

E Hosea Hicks inspiring current and future hairdressers at the Bonner Bros show in Atlanta.

Staying Focus

Once you know your potentials you can seek opportunities to evoke it. This will help you focus on your purpose as a barber or stylist and avoid being distracted by other people success. If your brand is in the building process don’t give up, stay focused. It will gradually become a house hold name. The beauty industry can be brutal and unforgiven.

If you have people in your life that is not supportive then it is better to avoid them. You will save everyone much time and trouble.

Focus on your purpose and your goals. It takes courage to focus on your purpose and your goals. However, it is much more rewarding than randomly pestering people for help. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to get it. Your thoughts, feelings and actions will send out a consistent message. Knowing your purpose makes it easier to spot opportunities that are right for you and it will help with asking the right questions at the right time. Just be prepared.


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